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The Broad Side

Broadway Female Directors Finally Hitting Stride

Eight years ago, Rocco Landesman, then Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts, predicted that doors were opening for female directors. He said it was coming, however slowly. Despite the......

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The Broad Side

Esther Geizhals: A Story of Holocaust Survival

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly seventy years since the Holocaust. For survivors near the end of their lives, it is more important than ever to tell their stories. There are still people......

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The Broad Side

Nicole Kidman: The Next Hollywood Feminist?

During a recent press interview to promote her current film Paddington, actress Nicole Kidman touched on Selma director Ava DuVernay’s exclusion from the Oscar Best Director nominations and whether......

The Broad Side

Showing That "Every Mother Counts"

With all the commercialization of Mother’s Day, it’s important to stop and remember what it’s really about. Take this into consideration: Pregnancy is the number one cause of death for women ages 1......

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The Broad Side

An Interview with Jessie Kahnweiler on "Meet My Rapist", Filmmaking and More

Jessie Kahnweiler is a 28-year-old filmmaker, based in Los Angeles, who is best-known for her web series, Dude Where’s my Chutzpah, a hilarious and straightforward look at finding meaning in Judais......

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The Broad Side

It's Time to Go Back to the Office

About two years ago there was an article that came out in Salon in which writer Katy Read said she regretted quitting her job to stay home with her kids. The headline read “I Wish I’d Never Quit Wo......

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The Broad Side

Is Netflix the New Feminist Hollywood Leader?

Things haven't been looking good for women in the television industry for a long time. According to the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, only 7% of directors, 13% of writers, and 20% of pr......

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The Broad Side

The Athena Film Festival 2015: Reimagining Gender Equality in Movies

"There is not a lack of talent for women in film, there’s a lack of opportunity.”  So says Melissa Silverstein, Athena Film Festival co-founder. She, along with co-founder Kathryn Kolbert thought a......

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The Broad Side

The Incredible Oscar Moment Almost Everyone Missed

I missed a lot of the Oscars once they began. I had fun beforehand, tweeting about the #AskHerMore campaign (as in, ask her more than who she's wearing and how she got thin) while celebrities were ......