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United Nations Foundation | Connecting you with the United Nations

United Nations Foundation | Connecting you with the...

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UN Foundation (@unfoundation) | Twitter

UN Foundation (@unfoundation) | Twitter

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#NewsdayTuesday: Birth Defects Rise 20 Times More in Moms With Zika - Global Moms Challenge

#NewsdayTuesday: Birth Defects Rise 20 Times More i...

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How access to surgery and vocational training is changing lives

How access to surgery and vocational training is ch...

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How the Fatherhood Revolution Is Changing Modern Families - Global Moms Challenge

Men are as hard-wired to take of children as women are. – Gary Barker, Promundo US Have you heard about the fatherhood revolution?  With Father’s Day taking place in the U.S. today, the discussion is as timely as ever. According to the second-ever State of America’s Fathers 2016 Report,  while......

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The Power of a Mom’s Voice - Global Moms Challenge

Hi, everyone, I’m Holly Rosen Fink. I’ve been a supporter of Global Moms Challenge for a long time, and I’m absolutely over the moon to be here. As a mom of two, it has been really important to me to teach my children, ages 11 and 13, a sense of......

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5 Amazing Women Fighting for Our Planet - Global Moms Challenge

As the world gets ready to meet in Morocco for COP22 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2016), an international conference bringing together leaders from around the world to focus on climate change, we are celebrating some of the amazing women who have made it their life’s work to fight......


Raise Your Voice for Climate Justice - Global Moms Challenge

I worry a lot about my kids’ future, don’t you? Will the world be a more just and livable place? How will our kids navigate the  growing climate crisis and what can we do to help our beloved planet? The Sustainable Development Goals or global goals, just celebrated their first......


The Importance of Partnerships to Support Women and Children - Global Moms Challenge

  “Hi, world leaders. My name is Sira. I’m 10. Just over a year ago, millions of people told you what was really important to us and you really listened. Then you made 17 promises to make our world a better place when I grow up.” Sira is an animated......

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Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World - Global Moms Challenge

As global moms, we carry a lot on our shoulders. We work. We pack lunches. We cook meals. We clean. We shop for groceries. We bathe our children. We take them to the doctor when they’re sick. Twenty-four hours is never enough time in a day. Sarah Collins took a......

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Memory Banda Wants You to "Lead Like a Girl" - Global Moms Challenge

Malawi has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, with approximately 50% of girls married by the age of 18. When faced with the prospect of marriage and children a very young age, Memory Banda decided to take her fate into her own hands. “When a baby is born in my......

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Donate A Photo: This Mobile App Changes Lives - Global Moms Challenge

By Holly Rosen Fink Last week I attended an event in New York City hosted by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and their philanthropic partners to celebrate the updated Donate a Photo (DAP)  mobile app. We gathered in the heart of Times Square in a large red tent full of holiday......

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Johnson & Johnson’s 2030 Promise: Healthy Mind, Body and Environment - Global Moms Challenge

“A giant step towards a world where a healthy mind, body and environment is within reach for everyone, everywhere.”  This is our partner Johnson & Johnson’s promise for 2030. It’s ambitious, but our friends at Johnson & Johnson are investing people, resources and their best innovation efforts to do their......

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3 Unique Innovations that are Improving the Health of Moms and Babies - Global Moms Challenge

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key pieces in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in saving and improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people, especially women and children. Recently in New York, during the UN’s General Assembly, Every Woman Every Child unveiled eight innovations that have been proven......

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Watch: Vice President Joe Biden's Passionate Speech on His Cancer Moonshot Initiative - Global Moms Challenge

When I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. I felt so alone. As the prospect of death stared me in the face with two young children who needed me, I wondered if there was anything I could do, or if there was anything I had done to deserve......